Carpet stains are pretty scary I know. But before you spend all you money on expensive cleaning services, take a look around your home. You may or may not know this but there are some pretty common household items that will take out that stain in no time.

The last thing we all need is taking off the floor carpets or spending time on carpet sale finding the same colored rug. Here’s what to do and with what:

Beer: have a tea or a coffee mark on the beautiful rug? Not to worry, take a beer can/ bottle out of your fridge and blot the beer on to the discolour until it soaks. You will see the stain disappearing, but of course if the spill is a bit big, you might want to try repeating that process.

Ammonia: add one cup of ammonia to 2 liters of water. Mix it well and with a sponge, sponge the stain thoroughly until the stain is no longer visible.

Vinegar: this is a pretty good mark remover and that’s not just for the carpets. If your rug mark is light, try sponging a solution of 2 table spoons of salt to half a cup of vinegar (white) and let the sponged rug stain to dry. But if the mark seems dark try a tale spoon of cornstarch with a table spoon of vinegar and rub it on the mark. Keep it like that for two days and vacuum. You could also try one and a half a table spoon of white vinegar to a one and a half a tea spoon of detergent to sponge away stains like paint.

Shaving cream: for things like juice stains, take a dry towel and blot the mark, then taking a wet sponge pat it a bit. Put some shaving cream on the top and wipe it right out with a wet sponge. This also works on stuff like oil / grease mark. Just put some cream on the mark, let it dry and wipe it out with a wet clothing.

Cornstarch: one of the best carpet stain removal cleaners for ink is cornstarch. Get some milk and mix cornstarch to it till you get a paste. Apply this paste on to the ink mark and let it dry. Once it dries brush of the debris/ vacuum it.

Salt: oh no! Red wine on your white rug? Talk about a nightmare. Now now, don’t panic. While the wine mark seems wet on it, take some of your whiter wine and pour on it to dilute the mark and clean the mark with a wet sponge of cold water. Sprinkle some salt on the top of that and leave it for another 10 minutes. Then, all you have to do is, vacuum. You mark is all gone. See? You don’t really have to spend any money at all!

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