Here are a few tips to make any dorm room feel like home…!

Take your bed with you

Sleep is vital for anyone; but especially so for a college student who is generally expected to multitask. Without sufficient and quality, you’ll find it harder to concentrate on your studies, perform in any sort of physical activity, and even making friends will feel like a task. Since you most probably can’t take your bed with you to your dorm room, opt to making sure to get the most comfortable mattress for it instead. Take with you your familiar blankets, throw/hugging pillows and even the bed sheets. Anything that will make your dorm room’s bed feel more like the one you’re leaving behind at home… 

Have a little green life to take care of

Are you someone who has a big garden at home? If you are, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll miss it when you don’t see it everydayand you need not even be some one who gardens regularly. To avoid missing it, and to make your dorm room feel more homey, consider having a few nice indoor plants around you. having something to take care of can also make your dorm feel more homey. A fish bowl is an alternative; but unlike the plants, they nee more taking care of. So be very sure you can commit to it before going fish shopping at the pet store. Betta fish are pretty low maintenance, so you might do well with one of them in your dorm room… 

Take one of your favorite posters/decorations with you

So what if you are not the fish raising type, or you don’t have time to look for indoor plants for sale…? You can still take your favorite idol’s posters with you! And it doesn’t even have to be an idol’s poster; it could be anything from your old room (including wall decorations that mean something to you) that will make you smile. Make sure to take only a few with you, so you have space for newer posters that you will acquire in the time you spend in your dorm room.

Step on warm floors

Do you have a room all to yourself? This can certainly be a good thing (no messy half of the room to deal with, or unexpected visitors!); but it can also be a bad thing…especially when you have to come “home” to a cold and empty room. Try to get rid of that coldness and emptiness. The fish and plant idea will certainly help you reduce the emptiness; but the warmth could be achieved through warm colored bed sheets and blankets, as well as warm floor rugs and warm slippers. Trust us, this will especially be appreciated in the cold months…

Tips On How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home