When buying a door for your garage, there are a lot of things to consider. Some of the most important things among these are the materials from which the door will be made, the cost, the different types of portals, the insulation, and the safety of the door. Read on below to find some helpful pointers to help you with picking a door that is best suited to your needs.

The first thing that you’ll be considering when you buy garage doors is probably the material from which the door will be made.

The material from which a garage door is made is usually the main deciding factor of the garage door service, and therefore, your current budget will usually define what material you’ll be going with (or more correctly, what make the premium quality material you picked, to be honest). There are three predominant materials with which garage doors are made:

• Steel – steel is the most common material used for building garage doors thanks to the fact that they are sturdy whilst remaining inexpensive. Being made of metal, they do not require much maintenance, save for touch ups to prevent rusting. The problem of steel doors denting can be reduced by settling for sturdier doors – that is, those of lower gauges (i.e. 24-25 gauge panels). The other option is to rely on fiberglass which is resistant to dents and does not rust; however, it needs more frequent maintenance in the form of re-staining or repainting.

• Aluminium – aluminium doors are the to-go-for choice if your garage door is a large one: as aluminium is a light material, even larger doors won’t put much of a strain on the opening/closing mechanism. They used to be very common, inexpensive and not very durable, but recent upgrades such as laminated panels which resist dents, have upped both their price and durability. Furthermore, their best point is in how they are rust proof – less maintenance overall.

• Wood – if you want to go with a more rustic and country feel to your home, then wood is definitely the best choice for your garage door. Since they can be made locally and to whichever size you’ll need, you won’t have much difficulty getting one built, but know that they are a pain to take care of – they require frequent refinishing and repainting. Furthermore, they are generally a bad choice if the climate tends to be on the humid side. If you just settle for a wooden frame with a different material for the filling, wooden doors are of an average cost, but 100% wood doors – which have to be made of sturdy woods such as mahogany – will cost you a pretty penny.

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