It can be a real problem in wet areas how many accidents occur but it can be handled by getting an anti-slip tile treatment done and there are plenty of companies willing and able to have you hand all your cash over to them to get your tiles done.

I do think however if you have enough mats down in the bathroom and have some sticky ducks on the bottom of the shower you should be fine, that there is no need to go to all the expense of having a bunch of workmen coming around looking over your bathroom, giving you a quote and how long the treatment is going to take and then finding the treatment was not so successful after all.

This is for a bathroom area, if your space is tiny and all the tiles could be covered by a slip free mat, then don’t bother but if your bathroom is the size of a big bedroom and there are tiles everywhere and it is essentially a wet room, you might want to consider doing something to stop people from going on a slide excursion across the room. 

The same can be said for the pool areas and the tiles Parramatta around the edges, thought there are plenty of flooring choices for pool surrounds that take water and slipping into account, so if you have done all the right research you will not need to have the flooring done near your pool, as you already have the right surface for that area. This is the same with any region of your house if you have done the work then you will find that a lot of the flooring you can choose already takes into account what will be happening in that room. 

If the job is done properly, then you should get a few good solid years out of the anti-slip treatment before it needs to be done again and by that time you will probably want to redo the bathroom anyway and can get some flooring that will suit the room and not have to worry about sliding around ever again. This might disappoint the children a great deal but when it comes time to have grandma down for the holidays, at least you won’t have to worry about her breaking any major bits and you end up having to wipe her bum the whole time she is at your place recuperating. The other relatives will not take her because it is your fault you have dodgy floors and that she has hurt herself, let’s just hope it is your mother and not the in-law or you may want to go for a fall yourself and get a good dose of amnesia or a mild coma, that will end as soon as she goes home and can wipe her own bottom.

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