Winter is a harsh phase for everyone who is living too close to comfort to the poles. It can be harsh and tiring, and with the global warming it is unpredictable. Usually the winter and other seasons came and went in fixed dates and months, and the unpredictability that has comedown has made it harder to prepare for seasons properly. Here are some maintenance ideas to keep you on your toes for the oncoming winter.

Rid yourself of the pests and vermin sneaking in

Winter is a season for anyone and anything to take refuge in warmth. And as there are heaters working in houses, pests like to hide inside. Early preventative measures will ensure that you do not run into a mouse or a cockroach in the middle of the night when digging for a snack in winter cold nights. Make sure to take your time fixing squeaking floorboards, close up any holes and gaps using foam spray, closing utility and pipe holes and the ventilation systems.

If you have weather stripping and mortar and other items around the basement areas and windows then you will need to replace these things. Clutter must be taken care of, especially in the basement, attic and garage areas where things tend to linger on seemingly forever. Moisture accumulating areas like drainage, plumbing, drains or leaking spots must be covered properly.

Check the heater

During the ‘fix squeaky floorboards’ phase, you must also check the heater to make sure that it is working and that it heats up the area it is supposed to. Calling heater maintenance is also a good idea for guaranteeing the heater working through the winter months as the maintenance companies will be too busy during these months.

Stock up

Winter stocks of items that do not degrade easily (nonfood items) like canned food items, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower items, clothing, and other amenities must be bought at least a month ahead (unless you fancy cleaning the car and driving in the cold). Then you would need items for taking care of the snow outside like sidewalk salt bags, shovels, snow blowers, rakes, windshield cleaner and other things. These items tend to run out like hot cakes the colder it gets outside.

Pipe freezing is also another common occurrence during the cold winter so call the plumber and run a maintenance and preventative setup for your plumbing. Otherwise you can just follow a DIY tutorial. Also make sure to take your flu shots and other prescription medication stocked up while you are the grocery shopping for winter hibernation.

Preparing The House For Winter Wonder Times