Floor rugs are practical, decorative and functional, especially in a room with tile or hardwood floors. However, to get its best utility, it is imperative to choose the one wisely. Go for the kind which would best fit your room. Try choosing rugs carefully to avoid any sort of mistakes. So, here are some tips or a guide for you to choose the perfectly rug tailored to suit your needs.


The first step while choosing the floor rugs online is the shape. Earlier, rectangle was the only shape available, now there are tons of floor rugs available in a range of shapes, like hexagonal, square, round, etc.


Color is the second most important factor for choosing the perfectly suited rug. Take inspiration from the color of the rest of the room and the walls. However, you can choose to contrast the rug color or match it with the rest of the house, walls and the furniture.

If you have a dull or simple colored wall plaint, then sisal rugs can help you to add color. If you are planning to place rugs in high traffic areas, then darker colors are more suitable.

In case, you have smaller rooms, try using a light-colored floor rug which would give you a bigger feel. If you have went shopping rugs for office floors, then try going for lighter colored ones as those add excitement and interest. You have to make a smart decision while choosing the patterns in the rugs as that will determine the elegance and style of your interior décor.


The fabric of a rug is an important factor which can let you avoid mistake while choosing one. Materials can bring a lot of difference to the look of your floor and the room. Materials also have an impact on the density of the floor rug.


This is another important factor to consider for avoiding common mistakes while buying rugs. Hence, it is important that you buy the right sized rug. First, measure the dimension of the room and then plan carefully before buying the rug. It must be in sync with the room and be proportionate with the room size. If you are placing it under furniture, like table, wardrobe or desk, then try buying a size which would extend a little beyond the corners of the furniture. Also, do the same for rugs which are circular in shape.

Since, you are going to invest your hard-earned money in the rug, it is always advisable to take the decision wisely. If you have limited budget, go for synthetic ones, or else you can opt for natural fabrics.

Planning To Buy Rugs? What Should You Consider?