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The Modern Frankenstein


Human beings thrive on inventions; It is a hard to resists the temptation. However, not all inventions are useful to humans. The history is witness to this. From the atom bomb to chemical weapons, pollution creating industries, we have created unmanageable Frankenstein in our midst.

Our planet is filled with man made things that though once proved to be a boon, has become a bane as we discovered the ill effect of its usage over a period of time. One of the most commonly used materials which now is believed to be very hazardous for humans is lurking just above our head; asbestos. When asbestos gets damaged, the invisible fiber is released in to the air and enters humans through lungs.

Asbestos is a common material used in housing and other industries; states have banned the use of asbestos in construction of houses and factories. What is little known, but equally disturbing is, the use of asbestos in manufacturing of many other products used by humans, like toys, electronic blankets to name a few.

Health issues

Asbestos is believed to be responsible for causing innumerable health related problems, which includes cancer and in cases where persons gets exposed for a prolonged period, even death. Identifying the asbestos in products that uses them is a difficult job as it is used in combination with other material. Asbestos inspection is a professional job which requires a high level of competency and knowledge and is carried out by experts. Asbestos removal involves risk and hence persons involved will have to wear protective equipment’s and hence, is done by licensed personnel.

Workers exposed to asbestos in industries which uses this product should wear appropriate protective clothing. In case such protection is not available, should actually stop the work as exposure sans protection can cause serious health problems at a later stage. Constant education through training and creating awareness is vital.

Professional help

Companies that use asbestos recycling process in their products should not only educate their workers about the hazards of using asbestos by providing training but also ensure that the work is carried out in a safe environment with proper protection. It is also advisable to seek professional help in getting the right kind of advice for ensuring the safety of the workers and the general public who use those products.

All of us have a collective responsibility in making sure that the environment in which we live is healthy and creating awareness about the hazards that are lurking in every nook and corner of our life and identifying a lasting solution for their removal perhaps lessens the damage we have done by inventing them.