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Creating A Home Office


Many people work from home today. The changing nature of work, the ability to connect to the world through your laptop, table or phone has in some ways rendered the necessity of an office obsolete. If you are however, looking to create an office space in your home then here are some suggestions…

Home vs work
The difficulty with working from hope is that it often becomes hard to separate your home and work life. The two can start to overlap and if you make your own hours it can be hard to prioritize one and work can often take a back seat to dropping your kid at a party or class leaving you stressed when you have to rush to meet a deadline. We suggest that when setting up your home office, you ensure that you carve out a space that you able to spate from your home life – for instance, garages make for great offices. Furthermore, you can find plenty of ideas online for converting roller garage doors Melbourne into offices online today.

A work environment
First things first. You need to set up a work environment if you are going to be productive in your home office. Start by setting up an allocated work space – set up a desk and chair in a corner that receives plenty of natural light. If your work space is dark and dingy then you will not feel motivated to sit down and work. If you have no access to natural light, say if you are working on a basement, make sure that your work station is well lit up. You will also need to ensure that all your office supplies are close at hand. We would suggest having a laptop, printer and plenty of electrical outlets on hand so that you have easy access to everything. Also have plenty of office stationery, such as pens, pencils, files, binders and paper. You can also come up with great storage solutions for your office as well – think open shelving and a filing cabinet that you can paint a quirky colour. Your home office needs to be welcoming and inspiring and not a space you dread entering each day.

Set some rules
As mentioned above, one of the hardest parts of working from home is separating work from home life. You need to set some rules. Start with setting yourself work hours – sure these can be flexible but try sitting down at a regular time each day to get work done. Also, do not take anything unrelated to work into your home office – that is off limits for party invites, homework and bake sale notices!