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Attired For Sleeping


The purpose of ladies sleepwear is to allow a woman to sleep comfortably in her upholstered bedheads and not to attract every man within a twenty mile radius, though some women just can’t help how they look, they could be wearing a hessian bag and still cause riots and testosterone to overflow. It is unfortunate and we really do feel sorry for them, I am sure someone does anyway. Shorty shorts and a tube top can cause even the sturdiest, honest and trustworthy man to falter and stutter when it is encasing a superb pair of boobs and a heart shaped butt, it is not the girls fault that she happens to be god’s gift and all the rest of us just have to remember that in ten years’ time she too will be feeling the effects of gravity and her favourite pyjamas will look like they have been stretched out of all proportion.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to admit that the pyjamas that she has been wearing for the last five years are no longer looking like they used to and it is not that the elastic is giving way or that they are really faded, it is more like there is only so much stretching that material can do before it completely gives up the ghost. This is the moment where you realise that not only are your favourite night clothes are on their way out but it is probably time to go through your whole wardrobe and toss out those size eight jeans that you have been sure you will get into one day. That all the little crop tops you have been keeping are never going to see the light of day again, that you washing the car in your shorty shorts and small white shorts is not having the same effect it used to, there was no screaming and fleeing men in the old days.

In fact the peeping tom that used to hang around outside your window at bed time has been cured after he came back and caught a glimpse of what you have to offer now. It is sad but true that after a certain time in a ladies life she is no longer considered as attractive as she used to be or even in the same league as the twentysomething’s, what this does mean however is that she is a lot more comfortable in her skin and experienced in the way of life.

In other words she is comfortable to be caught in her tighty whities and not feel overly embarrassed by the whole affair, if you don’t like what you see avert your eyes and move on, if however you like what you see then you might be in for the time of your life. An older woman knows it is not all about the packaging, so the lingerie can stay on the shelf and the t-shirt and daggy pants can stay.